Flaky Tests Are Inevitable.
Keep Builds Green While You Fix Them.

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Happier Developers

Reduce developer frustration and improve retention by keeping CI pipelines green and minimizing wait times to commit code.

Lower CI Costs

Minimize costly compute time associated with spurious continuous integration failures and retries.

Predictable Releases

Keep releases on schedule by quickly distinguishing between reliable and flaky tests.

How it Works

  1. Install Plugin

    Install a lightweight, open source Unflakable plugin and configure your test suite to use it. Setup is simple!

    $ yarn add --dev @unflakable/jest-plugin
        --reporters @unflakable/jest-plugin/dist/reporter \
        --runner @unflakable/jest-plugin/dist/runner
    $ pip install pytest-unflakable
        --enable-unflakable \
        --test-suite-id YOUR_TEST_SUITE_ID

    We currently support the Jest framework for JavaScript and the PyTest framework for Python. Support for other languages and test frameworks is coming soon!

  2. Use any CI

    With the plugin enabled, run the tests using any Continuous Integration environment.

    CI pipeline
    Circle CI
    AWS CodeBuild
  3. Identify Flaky Tests

    The Unflakable plugin automatically retries failed tests to identify flakiness.

    Fail + Pass (Retry) = Flake
  4. Optionally Quarantine Tests

    Flaky tests can be quarantined automatically so that failures won’t cause future CI builds to fail. Tests can also be quarantined manually using our web application. Either way, you remain in control!

    Jest quarantined test screenshot
  5. Receive Notifications

    Receive an email whenever a flaky test is discovered or quarantined. Notifications are configurable to match your preferences.

    Unflakable notifications screenshot
  6. Track Test History

    Log into our cloud-hosted web application to explore past test results and add or remove tests from quarantine.

    Unflakable test history screenshot


*Email support included until Professional Plan is released!

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